When You Least Expect It

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There are two people who wake up in the same bed one morning, and neither of them has a clue who the other is. Viivi would like to run away and the man is sleeping like a log. Unlike Viivi and Andu themselves, the viewers know both very well. They know that Viivi has the worst day in her life and that Andu is a dweeb, but not completely hopeless; a rather good-hearted man.

They are both hopelessly lonely people hoping that maybe there’s someone somewhere… So they might as well meet.

Director Mart Kivastik

Mart Kivastik is an acknowledged scriptwiter and an author of many theatrical plays, novels, film scripts.

Filmography: 1979 (short, scriptwriter and director, 1989), Semm (1990, scriptwriter), E2 E4 (short, scriptwriter, 1992), Firewater (feature, co-scriptwriter, 1994), Mistress (short, scriptwriter, director, 2000), Father (short, scriptwriter, director, 2001), Taarka (feature, scriptwriter, 2008), Vasha (feature, co scriptwriter, 2009), A Friend of Mine (2011)

Original title: Õnn tuleb magades
Film genre: drama, comedy
Languages: Estonian, English
Director: Mart Kivastik
Screenwriter: Mart Kivastik
Cinematographer: Elen Lotman E.S.C.
Production Designer: Toomas Hõrak
Editor: Katri Rannastu
Music by: Luka Zima
Main cast: Katariina Unt, Ivo Uukkivi, Ita Ever, Tiit Sukk, Katrin Pärn
Producer: Anneli Ahven
Co-Producers: Hlin Johannesdottir,
Birgitta Bjornsdottir
Produced by: Kopli Kinokompanii (Estonia), Vintage Pictures (Iceland)
Domestic release: October 13, 2016
Festivals: Reykjavik IFF, Black Nights FF
90 min / DCP / 1.85:1 / 5.1


Anneli Ahven
Phone: +372 5562 2041
E-mail: anneli@kinokompanii.ee

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Anneli Ahven, producer
Ph. +372 5562 2041
E-mail: anneli@kinokompanii.ee