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Every game has its flaws, but they are not always as risky as this one. When Joko, Ants and Reeda enter a casino, they can’t possibly be aware of the very existence of the demons inside them. Soon enough, they will understand that their lives are caught in a fatal vortex.

Directed by Ain Mäeots, Demons is a heart-stopping drama about the danger of gambling. In the movie, Joko, Ants and Reeda have nothing in common but their streak of luck in a night at a casino. As they see their success continues, their greed leads them to discover the darkest corners of their souls, and their very lives will be in danger.

Told from three different perspectives and based on actual events, Demons is the tale of how lies and addiction can create a hellish environment for addicts and their families. The stories are brutally honest, often painful, but also humorous at times.

By using a gripping multi-layered narrative, director Ain Mäeots flawlessly presents the three protagonists’ lives, without too much effort for the viewers, even though the characters inhabit different time frames. Such an entertaining and well-told story made Demons an award-winning movie at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2012 and a blockbuster at home.

Demons (Deemonid, 2012)
Director: Ain Mäeots
Cast: Ene Järvis, Ain Lutsepp, Mait Malmsten

Festivals and Awards:

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2012:
• Winner Tridents Awards – Best Cinematographer
• Nominated Trident Awards – Best Film
• Nominated – Estonian Film Award

Montreal World Film Festival 2012 – Focus on World Cinema
Helsinki International Film Festival 2012


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