Sandra gets a job

A psychological drama about a young Doctor of Physics who unexpectedly loses her job in an interest research group. Getting a new job, it seems simple at first glance, but after a few failures Sandra feels herself ever more clearly as unemployed. Every new attempt to find a job is increasingly humiliating way around the evaluation, adaptation and acting. In addition, she must hide her failure, at least for successful parents who also work in the world of science.

Direktor Kaupo Kruusiauk

Born 1977 in Estonia, trained at Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School (2005) and Famu in Prague (2005). Director of number of short and documentary films, SANDRA GETS A JOB will be his first feature film.

Original title: Sandra saab tööd / Sandra Gets A Job
Film genre: drama, comedy
Languages: Estonian
Director: Kaupo Kruusiauk
Screenwriter: Kaupo Kruusiauk
Cinematographer: Sten-Johan Lill
Production Designer: Tiiu-Ann Pello

Main cast: Mari Abel, Kaie Mihkelson, Raimo Pass, Hendrik Toompere jr, Alo Kõrve, Hendrik Kalmet jt
Producer: Anneli Ahven
Produced by: Kopli Kinokompanii (Estonia)

Status: in production

To be released: Spring 2019


Anneli Ahven
Phone: +372 5562 2041

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